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How to Address Your Wedding Invitations

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Emily Ziegler • June 24, 2024

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Pink wedding invitation envelope with floral stamp

After months of meticulous planning for your dream wedding, the time has come to send out your invitations. This exciting step brings you closer to your big day, but addressing wedding invitations involves certain etiquette that can be a bit overwhelming. At Heather Paperie, we’re here to guide you through the process, ensuring that each envelope reflects the thought and care you’ve put into your wedding. 

In this guide, we’ll explain how to address wedding invitations, covering traditional and modern approaches. And of course, if the whole wedding invitation process stresses you out, know that we are here to help! At Heather Paperie, Heather and I [Emily] provide a fully custom, luxury wedding invitation experience. We are here to take the stress out of designing, ordering, and mailing your wedding invitations.

Stack of pink envelopes to be included in a wedding invitation suite

The Essentials of Addressing Wedding Invitations

Addressing your wedding invitations involves more than just writing names and addresses. It reflects your respect for your guests and sets the tone for your wedding. Here’s how to address different types of guests:

Married Couples

For married couples, traditional etiquette suggests using titles and the husband’s first and last name:

  • Traditional: Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
  • Modern: John and Jane Smith

Unmarried Couples Living Together

For unmarried couples living together, list their names on separate lines, with the person you know better listed first:

  • Traditional: Miss Jane Doe  

        Mr. John Smith

  • Modern: Jane Doe and John Smith

Guests with a Plus One

If you’re inviting a guest and allowing them to bring a plus one, you can address it to the primary guest and write “and Guest”:

  • Traditional: Mr. John Smith and Guest
  • Modern: John Smith and Guest

Guests with Titles (Doctors, Military Personnel, etc.)

For guests with professional titles, it’s important to use their titles correctly:

  • Doctor: Dr. Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith
  • Military: Captain John Smith and Mrs. Jane Smith

Families with Children

When inviting families with children, list the parents’ names and include the children’s names directly below:

  • Traditional: Mr. and Mrs. John Smith  

                              Anna, Jack, and Emma

  • Modern: John and Jane Smith  

                     Anna, Jack, and Emma

Modern Addressing Etiquette

For those with a more laid-back wedding or who prefer simplicity, modern addressing etiquette is more flexible and can reflect your wedding’s tone:

  • First Names Only: You can choose to use first names only for a casual feel: “John and Jane.”
  • No Titles: If titles feel too formal, you can skip them altogether: “John Smith and Jane Doe.”

Some couples may choose an informal and playful approach. We’ve had some couples include nicknames or something like, “Grandma Smith.” 

Gold and white wedding invitation suite including wedding invitation, details card, RSVP card, and wedding events card

Steps for Addressing Wedding Invitations

  1. Compile Your Guest List: Ensure you have the correct names and addresses for all your guests. PRO TIP: If you are using a spreadsheet for your guest list, be careful of having too many spreadsheets for various wedding events. If you have too many spreadsheets with guest information, it is more likely that mistakes will occur!
  2. Decide on Titles and Form: Choose whether you will follow traditional or modern etiquette.
  3. Hand write or Print: Decide if you’ll hand write addresses or print them using a calligraphy font for an elegant touch. At Heather Paperie, we offer both calligraphy and printing services as part of our luxury stationery experience.
  4. Double-Check: Accuracy is crucial. Double-check all names, titles, and addresses.
  5. Use Proper Postage: Ensure you have the right amount of postage for your invitation size and weight. Make sure to take your invitations directly to the post office to make sure you have the correct postage.

Woman writing out a to do list for addressing her wedding invitations

An Additional Tip for Addressing Invitations

  • Return Address: Include your return address on the back flap of the outer envelope. This ensures that any undelivered invitations are returned to you. Make sure that the return address is not too large; you want to make sure that your invitation goes to your guest and not you! 

Navigating the etiquette of how to address wedding invitations can be daunting, but with a little guidance, it becomes a manageable task. At Heather Paperie, we are here to help you through every step of the process. From choosing the perfect stationery to ensuring your invitations are addressed impeccably, we are committed to making your wedding planning experience as smooth as possible. By following these guidelines on how to address wedding invitations, you’ll ensure that your guests feel honored and excited to celebrate your big day with you.

Pen on top of a pink stamped envelope

If all of this just feels like too much and you’re ready to start crafting beautiful and properly addressed wedding invitations, reach out to us today! We look forward to helping you create invitations that not only inform but also delight your guests, setting the perfect tone for your special day.

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